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Why new DJ’s should start on vinyl

Why new DJ’s should <b>start on vinyl</b>

Why New DJs Should Start on Vinyl Since the industry has shifted from traditional beatmatching to an ensemble of MIDI controllers and synced devices, the art of mixing by ear seems to be a thing of the past and thats not ok. In this article, Markos Polydorou will explain some of the benefits of learning … Continued

DJs and Performers: Do You Know Your Noise?

DJs and Performers: <b>Do You Know Your Noise</b>?

Hearing loss in DJing is no laughing matter. The career of a DJ is filled with towered speakers, blown monitors, and over compensated headphones. If DJ’s don’t take care of their ears out in the field, they can be at risk of losing a vital body function that you need to DJ. That is why it is … Continued

How our brains react to Dance Music

How our brains react to <b>Dance Music</b>

INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE: HOW OUR BRAINS REACT TO DANCE MUSIC? Think of your favourite piece of music – the track you’ve listened to on repeat countless times, the one you know so well you instinctively anticipate every hypnotic beat prior to the climactic soaring melody, and each rousing crescendo is matched by a shiver … Continued

Martin Garrix Superstar Secrets

Martin Garrix <B>Superstar Secrets</B>

BBC Radio 1 will tonight be broadcasting a documentary about Dutch star Martin Garrix, exploring the ingredients that have made him so successful in such a short space of time, as well as the wider EDM explosion. The programme entitled ‘Superstar Secrets’ will be broadcast tonight at 9pm (GMT) on Radio 1, including contributions from … Continued